Parade Participant,


We are very excited about the Danvers 250th Anniversary Parade which will be held Sunday 29th at 2 pm.  We hope this correspondence answers many of the questions you may have.


Directions:  Marching units should enter Park Street from High Street, Floats should enter from Burley St.


Timing:  All units are requested to arrive by 12 pm, to allow time for check-in and division line up.



Assembly:  The Plains Park and Old Burley Farm areas will be used for staging the parade.  This a residential area so we ask you be mindful of the neighbor’s property and driveways.  When you check in directions to the parade dis-assembly will be given to the bus driver so they may park at the end of the parade for easy dispersment.  If you are in individual cars we will have a shuttle available from the end of the parade back to the beginning Plains Park Area. 


Route:  The route is approximately 1.5 miles long with few if any turns.


Dis-Assembly:  The parade ends at the intersection of Sylvan St. and Federal St.  At that intersection you will be directed left onto Federal Street where there will be volunteers and signs directing you to the appropriate parking lot to meet your transportation.



Parade Guidelines:


  1. All units should maintain a continuous forward motion during the entire parade route.  Please do not stop and present “mini concerts” along the route.  This guideline is inclusive of any reviewing area, simply pass in review.  Do not stop for any television cameras or voiced announcements…they will work around you.
  2. In the event the parade does stop during its procession, please continue to entertain the crowd.  Units “breaking rank” or “taking a break” tends to present an unprofessional image.
  3. Due to the geographical diversity of the parade’s units, we would like to make every effort to inform the crowd of the performing units “hometown”.  Please consider including a banner, bass drum decal, or some other visible signage identifying the group and its origin.
  4. Groups are restricted from placing an undecorated vehicle in the line of march behind your group for logistical assistance.  We will have division captains and assistance marching along with you incase you are in need of any help.
  5. Units are not allowed to distribute any written material or paraphernalia of any kind to spectators along the route.
  6. Participants shall not throw candy from moving vehicles to spectators for obvious safety reasons.
  7. Chaperones and aides for your unit are also encouraged to dress professionally, with a neat, uniform appearance. 
  8. After completion of the parade, participants who choose to walk in reverse of the parade route should do so behind the spectators and not between the spectators and the groups still performing.
  9. The parade will be held “moderate rain” or shine. 
  10. Have a great time!!


Float Guidelines:


n      Floats must be no higher than 12 feet tall (from the ground to the top of the display).  Please keep in mind that the average flatbed is 4' from the ground, leaving a display area of 8 feet available for decorating

n      Floats (flatbeds) must be no longer than 40 feet in length.  Please be aware that the longer the float, the harder it is to turn. Please be sure that the float will be able to make the turns around the side streets of Holten Richmond School (beginning of parade).

n      Make sure your float can exit the garage in which it is built

n      No throwing or dispersing of any type of materials from the floats due to safety issues (no candy, flyers, handouts, etc.)

n      The total number of participants per float entry cannot exceed 25-30 participants (including riders and walkers, children and chaperones)

n      Children may ride on floats but must be supervised on floats by chaperones

n      Participants may walk in front of, in back of a float, Participants may not walk BESIDE the floats, or between the tow vehicle and the float.

n      If you are having music on your float you must inform us prior to September.

n      The theme of the parade is "A History of Danvers, Then and Now"



These rules and regulations were designated by the Danvers Police Department., Danvers Fire Department, and the Danvers 250 Annivesary Committee, and must be adhered at all times. 


In the event of a downpour please visit our web site for an update the morning of the parade


We would like to thank you in advance for your anticipated co-operation.  We look forward to your participation.



Danvers 250th Anniversary Parade Committee