Danvers 250 Anniversary Celebration: Parade "A History of Danvers Then and Now"

September 29th, 2002 2pm from Holten Richmond School on Conant St straight to Sylvan Street and Federal Street

Information for Parade Participants

Parade Order - this will change by day of parade

The parade elements, Bands, Floats, etc will be utilizing most of the Roadway so please do not sit on the actual road surface for your safety.

Viewing information:
The best locations to view the parade are from the Holten Richmond School on Conant St up to the intersection of Sylvan and Pine Streets. The Parade ends at Sylvan and Federal but some floats will be breaking off at Pine Street.

There will be no throwing or dispersing of any type of materials durring the Parade due to safety issues (no candy, flyers, handouts, etc.)

Please remember this is a Carry in Carry out event.

Note: Some areas will have restricted viewing:
The end of Adams Street next to Applied Materials
The end of Pine Street at Sylvan Street - some Floats will turning down Pine Street

Danvers Town Hall and its Parking areas will be reserved for Handicapped Parking and Viewing

We hope you enjoy the Parade.